Cost of ferrari 458 italia in united kingdom?

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I want to know the cost of Ferrari 458 Italia in United Kingdom, price announced in United Kingdom for Ferrari 458 Italia along with VAT (Value Added Tax). Should i convert the price announced in U.S with the current conversion rate for the exact pricing?

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    Cost of Ferrari 458 Italia in United Kingdom, at what price the Ferrari 458 Italia is available in United Kingdom.

    Answer:  The cost of Ferrari 458 Italia on the launch was £175,364 with VAT (Value Added Tax) in the United Kingdom. The price had been announced by an unofficially leaked document that has found its way onto the internet.

    Some sources say that for the British market, the cost of Ferrari 458 Italia will sell for a whopping £169,545, or equivalent of about $227,000. The price of Ferrari 458 Italia around the world isn’t based on current exchange rate, but rather on local market considerations.  The £169k Ferrari 458 Italia is over £40k more than the F430, but couple of grand less than the £171k Ferrari Scuderia.

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