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I want to arrange an event in London and want to know about any company that can help me through with it. I have not much of time with me so want a company that can manage things for me over there in London. So list companies that can manage an event for me in London city.

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  1. Warner

    You can find many event organizing companies in London. Some of them will charge high but provide you with the best services and other will be bit cheaper and the same will be the services provided by them. Here is the list of some event companies in London; you can contact any of them for your event in London.

    • The Cook & the Butler Event Company Ltd

    65 Glasshill Street, City of London SE1 0QR, United Kingdom

    +44 20 7620 1818 ‎

    • Fun Events Group

    31 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0NS, United Kingdom

    +44 20 8985 1054

    • Absolute Events

    250 York Road, London SW11 3SJ, United Kingdom

    +44 20 7228 9200

    • JG Events London

    24 Curzon Street, 4th Floor, London W1J 7TF, United Kingdom

    +44 20 3372 5555

    • Uniqueworld

    164-180 Union Street, City of London SE1 0LH, United Kingdom

    +44 20 7193 9850

    • Pretty Clever Events

    77 Beak Street, London W1F 9DB, United Kingdom

    +44 1273 771500 ‎

    • The Great Big Event Company

    London, United Kingdom

    +44 20 8352 1121 ‎

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