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I am planning that I should be moving from Scotland to England. I am planning to stay in North London and want to know about estate agents in the city that can help me in having a home.

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  1. Guest1980

    You could also try Hugh Grover Associates in Islington, North London. They were excellent when I was looking for a house due to their experience in the area and could definitely be of use if you're still looking! Their full address is -

    Hugh Grover Associates, 325 Upper Street, London, Greater London, N1 2XQ. 0207 226 1010


  2. Nick

     You said that you are looking for a house in North London and you need information about Estate Agents. Estate agents who have been working in the relative field for the last few years with expertise are as under:

    Knights Residential situated at the Northgate, London, 0843 471 5197.

    Paul Simon Sales situated at Harringay, North London, 0843 471 9994.  

    Next Move situated at Newington Sales, North London, 0843 471 1058.

    Anthony Pepe & Co. situated at Harringay, North London, 0843 470 3020.

    Castle Estate Agents situated at Crouch End, North London, 0843 469 3645.

    Martyn Gerrard situated at North Finchley Sales, North London, 0843 469 0500.

    Currell Estate Agents situated at Islington Sales, North London, 0843 470 4734.

    Captial Homes situated at Commercial, North London, 0843 469 6113.

    Mortemore Mackay situated in North London, 0843 470 7077.

    Kings Group situated at Tottenham Sales, North London, 0843 469 0900.

    All the above stated Estate Agents have been in the business for quite a long and have been settled well. All the above stated Agents charge you 4p/min for any business transaction.

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