Why the Silicon is about to entice Tech Investors?

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It has been heard that the London’s Silicon is about to roughly entice all the technology investors that are looking for some cheaper LinkedIn. While having a gossip about the same issue with my friends in office, I went quite confused about that and I finally decided to confirm the whole story. I don’t know why the investors have gone enticed by the London Silicon, because I do not see any viable future with that. Being a technology student, I always try to find out real facts behind the stories related to technology. For this very purpose, I use to get support from online web portals like this one. Can you please help me tell what exactly the story is about the London Silicon that has been reported to entice about all kind of technology investors. Thanks in advance!

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  1. James Merlin

    According to a news story published in Bloomberg, Laurel Bowden, who is one of the partners at the Facebook Inc. shareholder Greylock Partners, has been employed out of London from a leased table for above 2 years. Being new from an primary public proposing of LinkedIn Corp., which treasured its investment at $1.3bn, the California-based project firm named, Menlo Park, has increased its first financial focus on Europe & Israel last month., Greylock and Insight Venture Partners, which are said to be the premature supporter of Lovefilm and Flipboard, are currently amidst US investors contemplating London-based unfastening agencies to take benefit of a growing amount of expertise startups. His is all about your required story. I hope you’ll find it beneficial for you. Good luck!


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