Why kate middleton shopping for baby clothes?

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Hi, yesterday I saw kate middleton picture in one of renowned newspaper of London, she was doing shopping for baby clothes. Is Kate Middleton pregnant? I want to know the reality of this picture, please provide me an authentic answer, thanks.

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  1. Julia

    Pictures of the bride-to-be perusing baby clothes in fashionable Mamas& Papas children’s store on the King’s Road in Chelsea may have taken in many readers. With just weeks to go until the biggest day of her life the Princess left the shop without buying anything.    

    An assistant at the shop said that she looked at three different outfits in neutral colors. Kate came-in on her own and looked at all three month sizes, which are the smallest. She spent about 20 minutes looking at outfits and then left without buying anything. The big royal event was first hit for traditional April 1 pranks as the rumors that the princess-to-be, Middleton, went baby clothes shopping are not true.

    Daily Mail has a “Middleton look-a-like” studying infants' clothes a month before she gets married. The Royal Wedding was a high targeted by this Friday's prank, made by the press. Not only did our photographer managed to get shots of 'Kate-alike' holding a champagne glass he also got her smoking tabs in a pub beer garden, and another shot of her sitting on the toilet. But fans of Middetlon twigged when her lookalike later appeared in a garish ensemble consisting of a short blue skirt, Union Jack-style top and white sash adorned with the words 'Bride to Be' in pink.

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