Which is the biggest toy shop in london?

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I am looking for the information about the biggest toy shop in London. Does someone have information about it? If someone have information about the biggest toy store in London then please let me know.

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  1. Warner

    In London the biggest toy store is Hamleys, which is also the world's largest toy store located at Regent Street, London. The toy store is also known to be as the tourist attractions and five million people visit this store annually. Now, the store has many outlets around the world.

    The Hamleys London store has seven story building covering an area of 54,000 square feet all dedicated to toys; each floor is devoted for different categories of toys. Here are the details of toys available on each floor:

    5th floor is for Boys:  Action figures, vehicles, and an open cafe.

    4th floor is for Hobbies: Model kits, remote-controlled vehicles, model railways, Scalextric, etc.

    3rd floor is for Girls: Dolls, Arts & Crafts, Hello Kitty, Dress up etc.

    2nd floor is for Preschool: Toys for young children.

    1st floor is for Games: Board games, science, jigsaws; also a Build-A-Bear Workshop and Sweet Shop.

    Ground floor is for Soft toys: a wide range of puffy animals, and also a Marvin's Magic section.

    Basement is for Interactive activities: Lego, construction toys, Red 5, novelties and GAME.

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