Which are top departmental stores in London?

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Can someone provide me the information about top departmental stores in London? I am looking for the required information and can't find it. Anyone of you please help me by giving the right information.

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  1. Warner

    Several departmental stores are there in London and mostly prices are the same. But here is the list of top departmental stores in London, where you can buy anything that you want, with auite a nice atmosphere.


    87 Brompton Road, SW1 Underground

    It is one of the best, cheap and a mandatory departmental store to see. The elaborate adornment within the store is exceptional and the selection of items is quite good. There is also a pet store within the departmental store.


    Regent Street, W1 Underground

    Liberty regent is pretty good store but also quite old-fashioned. The store largely focuses on clothes and accessories.

    Harvey Nichols

    109 - 125 Knightsbridge, SW1 Underground

    This department store mainly focuses on designer fashions and accessories. You can also find few stylish restaurants within the store with amusingly artistic window displays.

    Peter Jones

    Sloane Square, SW1 Underground

    Peter Jones store is refitted few years ago and is now more suitably modern with all accessories available over there.


    400 Oxford Street, W1 Underground

    Selfridges is a big department store. You will find a huge selection of almost everything like clothes, cosmetics and accessories. There are also numbers of eating places scattered throughout the store.

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