Where to go out in london on Friday night?

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I have to met my friend in London next week and have to spend some days with him. I am making schedule for where to go out there and want to have something special on Friday. Can you suggest where to go out in London on Friday night?

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  1. Warner

    If you’re in London and looking to go out on Friday night to enjoy; here are some fantastic ideas for things to do on Friday night, whether you like to arrange in advance or delay it to the last minute.

    Eat out:

    There are quite a number of restaurants where you don’t need any reservation they serve on first come, first served bases. Here are some of these restaurants Anchor & Hope, Barrafina, Busaba Eathai, The Charles Lamb and many others.

    Night Clubs:

    You can go out to a night club and have fun with your friends. Here are some of the best night clubs in London: The Gallery, Found, Club NME, Social Meltdown, Beach Creep etc.

    Go out for a drink:

    You can go out for a drink and here are the best bars and pubs for Friday-night drinks, whether you desire to get the beers in or favor wine or cocktails. I recommend you to go at Bunga Bunga, The Rookery and Happiness Forgets.

    Here are some more ideas for Friday night; you can go out and can watch a film or a show or a better choice is to do something different like hang around in markets, can take part in London Friday Night Skate, can visit museums or galleries etc.

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