Where is Community Health South London NHS Trust Head Office located in London?

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I have to take my mother for some medical examination to London at Community Health South London NHS Trust. I do believe that there will be some kind of formalities before going for the treatment. For this reason I would like someone to guide me about the location of Community Health South London NHS Trust Head Office in London with directions.

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  1. Guest1332

     Community Health South London NHS Trust Head Office is the one of best medical examination center of London. It is not much expensive and patients are treated in a very good manner. Most of the doctors also recommend that health centers as well. You can easily find it in London. All transports easily go there. You will never face a complexity in finding that health center. Following is the address where you find that health center.

    Avonley Road

    London SE14 5ER

    Area: New Cross Gate.

    It is the main head quarter address. Avonley Road will lead to your destination. All taxi stands will easily know the route. Hope my answer will help you in a best way.

  2. Harry

    If you are coming from Westminster London, it will take you around 15 minutes to reach Community Health South London NHS Trust Head Office on your own transport. If you are on public transit, it will be a 35 minute journey. From Westminster, you will head south on Trafalgar Square at A400 toward Strand at A4. Reaching a roundabout, you will take 2nd exit onto Whitehall at A3212 and will continue on this for some time before turning left onto Bridge Street at A302. Following A302, being on Toll Road, turn left onto Westminster Bridge Road and then taking 1st right onto A302, get onto Westminster Bridge Road again at A3202 still on Toll Road. Being on A302, you will go through St. George’s Circus and following road signs will be at A201 moving through London Road, Elephant and Castle and New Kent Road. Now keeping right at the Fork, continue following New Kent Road till you reach Old Kent Road at A2. Finally on this route you will take left turn onto White Post Street to reach your destination on the right.

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