Where is Afghan Kitchen Restaurant located in London?

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I originally belong to Afghanistan and have been living in Edinburgh since birth as my parents settled here back in the early 90s. I shall be going to London now for doing my Bachelors degree from the University of London. I am quite excited to know that there is an Afghani restaurant named Afghan Kitchen in London. Kindly guide me about its location.

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  1. Harry

    The Afghan Kitchen restaurant in London is located at the following address:

    5 Islington Green

    Islington, London, N1 8DU

    Phone: 0 20 7359 8019

    If you have any difficulty in location, it is better to confirm about the location by dialing the number listed just beneath the above listed address. Besides, if you know any famous landmark in London such as Westminster, you can easily locate Afghan restaurant. It is only about 15 to 17 minutes drive from Westminster moving chiefly through Victoria Embankment, A4 and St. John Street. From Westminster, once you will be on Toll Road at the Victoria Embankment following the road signs, you will move through New Bridge Street (A201), Roseberry Avenue (A401), St. John Street (A401), Upper Street (A1) and finally Islington Green (A104). Your destination upon reaching Islington Green will be on the right.

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