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Please help me know of an online source from where I can download the New Look job application form. Help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Robin

    New Look are rapidly expanding throughout Europe. Therefore could therefore new opportunities across the country are high flying. New Look store in London has a huge range of vacancies. There are many in-store retail positions in Weymouth and central London head offices that are in the following categories: Buying, Design, Merchandising, E-commerce, IT, Corporate and Social, Finance, HR, Property, Marketing and Operations supporting the activities in high street stores and the ever-expanding online shopping systems.

    Go to, if you would like to download new look application form  

    If an applicant has little or no retail experience then they will probably need to start as a customer assistant in New Look stores.  On the New Look development programme the candidates can progress their careers through to supervisor and Store Manager, or within the Head Office roles.

    New Look also have their own allocation team where they utilize the staff directly. The distribution centre is critical for the smooth management of the stores, and workers perform 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, throughout the night to keep the New look outlets all stocked up.

    For any question about job vacancies and application details visit newlookcareers UK website

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