What is the total distance from Grove Park to Crystal Palace?

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Hi, we have just shifted to grove park and my brother had got a job in Crystal Palace. He was looking for the information regarding the distance between Grove Park and Crystal Palace. Is there anyone who has information regarding this query, kindly provide us the complete detail of it?

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  1. Julia

     The total distance from Grove Park to Crystal Palace is approximately 8.6 miles (13.9 km) and you can start your journey from Grove Park (Baring Road GR 405-727) or can use the walking Journey Planner, in order to get a walking route help through map. Because using the advanced options, you can maximize the time for preparing yourself to walk and to get information about routes for greater distances. Your journey will be ended at Crystal Palace station (GR 341-705). The recommended directions are from East to west. The surface of the route is majorly consisted on roads and tarmac paths but with a long stretch on rough paths and tracks in Beckenham Place Park, which is usually level but with some long and quite steep slopes.

    The steep steps are present at two railway bridges with no stiles and 5.3km (3.3ml) distance beside roads. Few points of Interest which are present in these areas are Downham Woodland Walk, Beckenham Place Park and mansion, Cator Park, Crystal Palace Park. Currently no Capital Ring signage is available, follow Green Chain Walk signs. Generally comparatively easy walking but the section through Beckenham Place Park is on rough ground, which may be difficult in wet conditions. This part of the Capital Ring overshoots the end of the Green Chain Walk by about 250m to finish at Crystal Palace station. Public toilets are present at Grove Park, Downham, Beckenham Place and Crystal Palace Park.

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