What is the distance from Hendon Park to Highgate?

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Hello, we have just shifted to Hendon Park and my brother had got a job in Highgate. He was looking for the information regarding the distance between Hendon Park and Highgate. Is there anyone who has information regarding this query, kindly provide us the complete detail of it? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Julia

     If you start journey from Hendon Park then the distance of Hendon Park to Highgate is 5.6 miles (9 km) and The recommended direction for the route are west to east.The terrain and surface of the route mostly level on firm paths and pavements, but with few steep ascents and descents on rough ground especially towards the end. No stiles.

    Most of the walking in this section is easy, but gets tougher towards the end with some steep slopes and rough ground. The surroundings are pleasant, at first following firm paths through a string of narrow parks and recreation grounds beside the River Brent and Mutton Brook.You pass the point where Mutton and Dollis Brooks combine to form the River Brent, and join the Dollis Valley Greenwalk for a while. The route passes through East Finchley station, and then comes a trio of woods, all remnants of the ancient Forest of Middlesex, starting with the small Cherry Tree Wood.

    Highgate Wood occupies fairly level ground on a hilltop at altitude 101m (331ft), while Queen's Wood straddles a deep valley with a steep climb to the section end near Highgate station. The route is fairly level most of the way, but the stretch in Queen's Wood may be too rough and steep, even for buggies - it can be avoided on parallel roads. Beside Mutton Brook the path is narrow with some steep slopes. You can use the walking Journey Planner, in order to get a walking route help through map. Because using the advanced options, you can maximize the time for preparing yourself to walk and to get information about routes for greater distances.

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