What is the London fire brigade salary scale?

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My friend wants to join the firefighters London department and wanted me to look up the pay scales for the posts. If anyone knows the answer, please help me instantly,

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  1. Guest568

    guest 471 is nearly right. I am a fire fighter in London, our pay is not determined by the FBU, they negotiate on our behalf to try and achieve a pay agreement each year.

    In London there are only whole time fire fighters (there are no retained fire fighters).

    The pay scales are near enough though, which I guess answers your question. Look at the London Fire Brigades website for correct information

  2. Guest471

    The London fire brigade salary scale is determined by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU)  in the UK, who deal with the computation of annual remuneration for the firefighters in the city of London. There are two types of firefighters in the London fire brigade department: whole-time and retained; while most brigades offer several types of retained contract based on different levels of commitment.

    The details of the London fire brigade salary scale are as below:

    • London fire brigade receives a nationally agreed salary structure, for whole-time and retained firefighters.

    • Starting salary for a trainee firefighter is £21,157. When full competence is achieved, the salary scale rises to £28,199.

    • London fire brigade crew manager salaries range from £29,971 to £31,263.

    • The watch manger salaries range from £31,940 to £34,961.

    • Subject to the officer's level of competence, a station manager's earning potential is between £36,365 and £40,109 plus overtime rates

    • The group manager and area manager salary scales lie between £41,881 and £53,934, which is dependent upon their level of competence with the department.

    The FBU website provides the full salary information, including the full annual retainer, pay rate per hour and disturbance payment per call-out.

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