What is the Distance from Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock route?

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I am making a report on different routes of London and almost completed my report but unfortunately I am not getting the information regarding the distance between Richmond Bridge and Osterley Lock. Can someone please provide me the required information so that i can complete my report.

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  1. Julia

     The total distance from Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock Distance is 4.8 miles (7.7 km).One of the 'bluest' and simplest part of the Capital Ring, following the River Thames and the Grand Union Canal most of the way. Collectively with the Thames Path National Trail the section sets off from Richmond Riverside along the south bank to cross the Thames at Richmond Lock, utilizing the venerable old footbridge.

    When heavy rain or high tides reach there may be flooding in this section. Now on the north bank, the route twists through the beautiful village of Old Isleworth, commonly away from the river, and crossing the two eastern ends of the River Crane Walk. You walk through Syon Park, passing the great mansion of the Dukes of Northumberland, now a busy visistors destination with a garden centre, miniature railway, butterfly house and children's playground.

    At Brentford you leave the Thames to reach at the Grand Union Canal Walk and Brent River Park Walk along the canal towpath. This area finishes at Osterley Lock, with a signed link to Boston Manor station. The route from Richmond Bridge to Osterley Lock is visibly level, but there is uneven ground in few places beside the river and canal. Two long flights of steps on the footbridge at Richmond Lock can be avoided by utilizing a signed alternative via Richmond Bridge and the north bank. In Syon Park the route crosses grass, but there is a parallel tarmac drive. At Brentford the towpath is reached across a small and rather wobbly swingbridge.

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