What are the names of some best walking routes of London Loop?

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I have to go to the West Wickham Common from Hamsey Green for some office work but don't know the walking routes. Can someone help me by giving the names of some best walking routes of London Loop? I am waiting for your quick response.

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  1. Warner

    The London Loop is ranked as one of the Mayor of London's major routes, almost fully encircles Greater London, having a total distance of around 240km (150 miles). The route stays as much as possible within Greater London, to facilitate use of travel cards, but it has proved compulsory to venture outside in places. The only gap in the circuit is between part number 24 at the Purfleet point and 1 at Erith point, where the River Thames gives a substantial barrier of almost a kilometre (half a mile) with no easy crossing point. The other sections are mention below:

    i. Erith to Old Bexley

    ii. Old Bexley to Petts Wood                            

    iii. Petts Wood to West Wickham Common            

    iv. West Wickham Common to Hamsey Green        

    v. Hamsey Green to Coulsdon South              

    vi. Coulsdon South to Banstead Downs              

    vii. Banstead Downs to Ewell                              

    viii. Ewell to Kingston                                            

    ix. Kingston to Hatton Cross                              

    x. Hatton Cross to Hayes & Harlington                

    xi. Hayes & Harlington to Uxbridge                              

    xii. Uxbridge to Harefield West                              

    xiii. Harefield West to Moor Park

    xiv. Moor Park to Hatch End                                    

    xv. Hatch End to Elstree & Borehamwood

    xvi. Elstree & Borehamwood to Cockfosters  

    xvii. Cockfosters to Enfield Lock

    xviii. Enfield Lock to Chingford

    xix. Chingford to Chigwell

    xx. Chigwell to Havering atte Bower

    xxi. Havering atte Bower to Harold Woo

    xxii. Harold Wood to Upminster Bridge

    xxiii. Upminster Bridge to Rainham

    xxiv. Rainham to Purfleet

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