What are the famous Green Chain walking routes in London?

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Hi, we have just shifted to London and my brother had got a job near to Thamesmead. He is looking for the information regarding the famous Green Chain walking routes in London. Is there anyone who has information regarding this query, kindly provide us the complete detail of it?

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  1. Warner

    A great and intricate network which should give several happy days of walking through the dozens of woodlands and open spaces that surround this part of London. The South East London Green Chain and the network of routes that connects them is called as simply the Green Chain Walk. Its 10parts, together with several spurs and links, cover 65km (40ml) and are a delight to explore, with different possible combinations and chances for circular walks. Visitors can use the walking Journey Planner, in order to get a walking route help through map. Because using the advanced options, you can maximize the time for preparing yourself to walk and to get information about routes for greater distances.  For the convenience of new persons, the summary of approximate distances is mentioned below:

    Section                                                                         km

    1. Thamesmead to Lesnes Abbey                                             3.5

    2. Erith to Bostall Woods                                                            5.2

    3. Bostall Woods to Oxleas Meadows                                        4.3

    4. Charlton Park to Bostall Woods or Oxleas Meadows 8.8

    5. Thames Barrier to Oxleas Meadows                               6.7

    6. Oxleas Woods to Mottingham                                              6.2

    7. Shepherdleas Wood to Middle Park, Eltham                 7.5

    8. Mottingham to Beckenham Place Park                                8.4

    9. Mottingham or Chislehurst to Beckenham Place Park   9.0

    10. Beckenham Place Park to Crystal Palace Park                  5.8

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