What are the unemployment benefit rates for UK citizens?

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Need to know the UK Unemployment benefit rates, which are given to the UK citizens as JSA to help them out. Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated.

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  1. John

    If you live in the United Kingdom and have been facing trouble finding employment, then the government will help you out with Jobseekers allowance which is an unemployment benefit for the UK citizens, who are out of work.

    The rates for unemployment benefit UK is changed on annual basis and in 2009 the maximum payable was £65.45 per week for a person aged over 25, £51.85 per week for a person aged 18 to 24.

    Unemployment benefit UK rates are currently set for those doing less than 16 hours work per week, to those who are under the state pension age or are actively seeking work.

    Income-based unemployment benefit UK rate reduced for people with savings of over £6,000, by a reduction of £1 per week per £250 of savings, up to £16,000.While those who had savings of over £16,000 are not eligible for receiving Income-based unemployment benefit UK amount at all.

    Contribution-based unemployment benefit for UK is paid at a rate of £51.85 per week for those aged between 16 to 24, and £65.45 for those who are aged over 25. 182 days.Local Job Centre Plus in the UK will be able to advise you with how much you may be entitled to according to the set unemployment benefit UK rates.

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