London Underground Stations

Underground Stations Questions & Answers

The city of lights and trains, London is the world’s biggest train hub. Its train service is among the world’s most sophisticated trains services. There are nearly 270 magnificent and outstanding stations which serve the underground railway traffic. These underground railway stations are the most sophisticated and well maintained railway stations in the world, as annually serving millions of railway passengers in London, without disturbing the natural environment. Hence these underground railway tracks and stations are also contributing to the economy of the London Railway.

Since their inception to the till date, London has been the world famous for London Underground Stations, the oldest and one of the busiest underground railway networks in the world. Interestingly, there are 40 stations which are closed now, but still the flow of these underground railway stations is working and serving millions of Londoners. These underground stations are the real beauty of London Railways and add a unique flavor to underground rail journeys.

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