Tube Stations near 291 Suites hotel in London

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I am staying at 291 Suites Hotel and need to know how many tube stations are located near it so that I can access the great city landmarks from the hotel where I am staying. Kindly list the station on walking distance.

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  1. Harry

    The nearest tube station close to 291 Suites Hotel in London is West Hampstead Underground tube Station, only 10-minutes walk away. The station is on West End Lane between Broadhurst Gardens and Blackburn Road and is in Travelcard Zone 2, lying between Kilburn and Finchley Road tube stations. About 100m from this station, on the London Overground North London Line lies West Hampstead station while the West Hampstead Thameslink station is around 200m. Inaugurated in June 1879 by the Metropolitan Railway (presently Metropolitan line), the West Hampstead Underground tube Station has been serving as the temporary station of the branch until it was further extended to Willesden Green on 24 November 1879. If you are looking for some other stations besides West Hampstead Underground tube Station, they include:

    * Finchley Road 0.9 km

    * Hampstead 1.1 km

    * Swiss Cottage 1.5 km

    * Belsize Park 1.9 km

    * Willesden Green 2.1 km

    * Queens Park 2.2 km

    * Golders Green 2.4 km

    * Maida Vale 2.4 km

    * Chalk Farm 2.8 km

    * Brent Cross 3.2 km

    * Camden Town 3.6 km

    * Marylebone 3.8 km

    * Tufnell Park 3.8 km

    * Edgware Road 3.9 km

    * Baker Street 4.0 km

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