Top Universities in London that offer Management Courses

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My name is Peter and I am searching some top London universities which are offering management courses. I have completed my graduation recently and want to get the admission in one of the top London universities which offering the management classes. Can someone please help me regarding my query? I will be very grateful to you if you can provide me the complete and comprehensive details regarding my query.

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  1. Warner

    In London, many top universities are offering management courses and are famous in the world. Here are some of the universities in London that are offering management courses:

    Arts Management University aimed at students who are interested in increasing their knowledge of the arts sector, project management skills and understanding of arts education and marketing principles or who simply wish to have a creative and critical environment in which to develop their project ideas. Arts Management University is located at Birkbeck Malet Street Camden London, WC1E 7HX.

    At the London College of Fashion course had specialist pathways in fashion management; fashion marketing; fashion retail and fashion buying and merchandising; students opt to study a particular pathway during their 1st year, and begin study of their chosen area in year 2. London College of Fashion is located at the 20 John Prince's Street Westminster, London, W1G 0BJ.

    London Metropolitan University is a hub of creative and intellectual activity, in which both students and academics contribute towards a thriving learning environment. It is as dynamic as the city in which it is situated. London Metropolitan University mailing address is Admissions Office, 166-220 Holloway Road City London, N7 8DB.

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