Things to do in London during Olympics 2012

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I have plans to go to London to enjoy the summer Olympic Games this year. However, I am of the view that this is not quite possible to keep watching Olympic Games for the whole day as it could prove to be boring. Someone kindly tell me if there could be a few other things to try out during the event.

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  1. Guest1520

    Why not enjoy a family photo shoot at Studio 1B,

    Great value for money and a great way to remember your trip to London.!

  2. Guest1520

    you can enjoy oxford street shopping.

  3. Harry

    It does not actually matter that for what purpose you are visiting London. However, your trip may be an incomplete one without exploring some famous places in the London city. If it is during the 2012 London Olympics that you are visiting, there are hundreds of things you can do to add up to your joy of visiting London.


    Since the Olympics stadium is located close to the Stratford area in London so you can enjoy some good shopping at the shops like MSN Superstore, Mercyland Supermarket and Morrison W M Supermarkets.

    Watching Movie or Theatre

    London is known for a having a lot many places where you can watch theatres. If you wish to watch a movie in a cinema close to the Olympic Stadium then you must visit the famous Stratford Picture house.


    If you are feeling hungry and looking for some good restaurants close to the Olympic Stadium area then there are places like Pizza Express and Hemalaya restaurant.

    Enjoy the Nightlife

    The nightlife lovers can visit some famous places during the Olympic Games such as Cart & Horses, Goldengrove and O12 Bar & Grill. 

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