The University of London Academic Quality Advisory Committee

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I want to know the information about the role of Academic Quality Advisory Committee in the University of London, actually I need this information for writing my research paper on the University of London Academic Quality Advisory Committee, need help, thanks.

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  1. Julia

     The Academic Quality Advisory Committee was previously named as the Quality Practitioners Forum. Collegiate Council agreed the replacing the Committee name and gave it new modified terms of reference in February 2010. This followed modification of a revised governance structure for the University from August 2008 and a parallel review of the progress of the University’s committee structure in the autumn of 2009.

    The Academic Quality Advisory Committee suggests Collegiate Council, which has ultimate management at University level for academic matters, on matters of academic achievement. Additionally for the overview of University academic quality, exercised through the annual University Quality Overview Report, the Committee puts a strong emphasis on the promotion of through continuous improvement in quality.

    The Committee arranges two meeting in a year, usually in November and May of each academic session. The basic purposes of the first meeting is finalization of the University Quality Overview Report on the basis of the annual reports received by each constituent College of the University and its Central Academic Bodies.

    The second meeting is mainly focused on the developmental session, usually led by an external expert, on a topic collectively admitted by the Committee itself. The Committee keeps representatives of each of the constituent Colleges and the Central Academic Bodies and consequently constitutes a suitable forum for the discussion of quality issues of mutual interest and for the exchange of information and good practice

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