Selene Gomez ready to perform after her illness

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I am a big fan of Selena Gomez. While talking some of my friend, I have come to know that Selena Gomez ready to perform in a concert after her illness. I want to confirm this news, so that I can go to see here there. Can you please help me locate the reality of this news whether she has ready to perform in concert? Thanks in advance

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  1. John

    After complaining junk nourishment made her sick, Selena Gomez present at a live presentation, is sponsored by Burger King. She lately disclosed that her appetite for junk nourishment was the cause behind her latest dash to the crisis room. But as she took to the stage for her Good Morning America presentation this forenoon, Selena Gomez was enclosed by Burger King Logos. The outdoor live presentation in Central Park was sponsored by the well liked very fast nourishment string of connections, well renowned for its calorie laden hamburgers, fries and broad shakes. During the outdoor display, Selena presented her strike recital 'Who Say' with her assembly Selena Gomez and The Scene. Wearing a peach embellished sleeveless peak and a two of indigo casual trousers, the attractive brunette woman companion of Justin Bieber emerged to gaze many healthier since her crisis room dash last week. She said in her an interview that she was feeling calm well after her clinic stay. The teen celebrity was hurried in after evolving ill next an look on Jay Leno's late evening converse show. Gomez said that her junk nourishment diet was to accuse for the smash into and I am managing much better.

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