Seeking some information about the London Queen’s Club

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In our last vacations my sister went to London, she told me about London Queen’s Club, I want some more information about this beautiful club, please help me, thanks.

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  1. John

     The Queen’s club is located in the heart of west Kensington. It was founded in 1886. It was the first sports organization ever to be built, anywhere in the world. It was named after Queen Victoria and is extensively renowned as one of the foremost Lawn Tennis and Racquets clubs in the world. The Club has entertained as many as twenty-five different sporting activities and, as well as lawn tennis, has been the scene for such altered sports as ice-skating, baseball, athletics and rugby. The Queen’s club along with first class sporting facilities also offers excellent entertaining and dining facilities, including an elegant restaurant, cafe, museum, and the President's Room, all of which are located within the Members' Clubhouse.

    If we see the overall history, the Club has been an extraordinary sporting venue, and today hosts the world famous AEGON Championships, the World Rackets Championships, leading Real Tennis events, including the British Open and from 2009 The ATCO Super Series Squash Finals. The Queen's Club has an iconic Club House, known globally as the face of the AEGON championships, which houses a choice of areas from members to relax, unwind and recount stories from the court!

    The Club provides unparalleled private dining and meeting facilities and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere complements the playing and social aspects of the Club. The staff embrace a strong service ethos and are determined that Members and guests alike should enjoy the amenities of the Club to the full.

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