Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal who will be the champion of 2011 Wimbledon Tennis?

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Federer and Nadal both are just great, but there are some more in line like Novak Djokovic on 2nd, Andy Murray and Robin Soderling.... So what do you think who will be crowned as Wimbledon 2011 men's champion? Looking for opinions, predictions and analysis!

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  1. Guest288

    I want Roger Federer to win but i know it will be stupid to count out players like Nadal and Djokovic. They are top seeded players in the world of tennis at the moment, each is highly skilled and very much capable of winning the title.

    Roger Federer

    He has won the title most number of times out of these three but his recent drop in form is a main concern for his fans. It is said Wimbledon is the Rogers favorite slam in the world and if he is going to make a comeback this is the place its most probabily going to be.


    He is the number 1 ranked player in the world at the moment and at times looks unbeatable. he is going through an awesome phase of form at the moment. Nadals power playing and striking form makes him the most likely to win the title.


    well this player has amazed many in the recent days and he unbeaten streak will be hard to forget for sometime to come. he seems to be in form and hungry for a title win. Djokovic seems to be the next best thing at the moment in tennis.

    After all being said, i still would like to see the cool and calm, sober yet stylish, one of the best players of all time.. Mr. Roger Federer to win the Wimbledon.

  2. Guest286

    This year Nadal is in total outstanding form and he is not willing to give up st any cost. My vote is with him as i like to watch is play while he is in the code with Federer one always like to watch the full match and he is the one who is going to win the match in between them.

    It was previously said that Nadal cannot win from Federer while they are playing on trout but now things have changed quite a lot and now the game which is there with Nadal is much much improved and now he can beat Federer on any code.

    And besides every one knows that Federer only win when he is being able to grab the first two sets and in case he loose one out from two sets then no way he can win from Nadal. I like Nadal to win Wimbledon.

  3. Nick

     Both are fantastic players and have won many major tennis events in the world. Roger Federer has won Wimbledon for 4 times where as Nadal got the title of the Wimbledon championship for only 2 times. However, he has won most of the main tournament played in 2011. He is improving day by day and creating problems for Federer and other players in every passing day.  Both met each other in 19 finals and results show that Nadal is leading with 13–6.  So, I think, this time Rafael Nadal is expected to be the winner of the 2011 Wimbledon Tennis.

  4. Danial

    Nadal being at top at the moment has a big advantage, confidence and no doubt the ability to win the final, but you cannot underestimate Novak Djokovic too. He can give Nadal or just anyone else a real hard time if meet in quarters, semi or final itself. Federer seems to be bit down and as he moved down to 3rd in ATP ranking, he needs a lot of emotional backup to get back to the position..... I cannot say anything about Andy, but Soderling can shine in Wimbledon too....

    My analysis is

    Nadal 90% chances of win

    Djokovic 70%

    Andy 60%

    Solderling 80%

    Federer 80%


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