Procedure for london fire brigade recruitment

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I want to get in the London fire department and so I need some pre-hand knowledge for the hiring procedure in this department. Any ideas anyone?

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  1. Robin

    The procedure for London Fire Brigade it is the largest brigade in the UK and the London Fire Brigade recruitment test consists of the following stages:

    1. Initial application:

    You will make an initial application including your personal and contact details, qualifications, drivers license details, previous employment etc.

    2. Written tests:

    Those applicants who have passed the first stage will undertake a series of four written assessments relating to your ability to use information.

    They are:-

    • Short briefings multiple choice questions relating to the content of the briefings which is presented by means of a video, to test your memory

    • A series of short written text passages to read and you are assessed on your understanding of the material through multiple choice questions, to test your comprehension.

    • A numerical test which is relate to role specific tasks in which you would use numbers. An example would be when making calculations with Breathing Apparatus ( BA). The test judges your ability to undertake numerical calculations.

    • You will be tested on your ability to identify the key information from all the information given in the video.

    3. Fire Brigade Interview.

    In the London fire brigade recruitment interview which lasts for about an hour you will be posed questions by highly trained interviewers in relation to your skills, knowledge, and Attributes to determine your ability to carry out the role of a Fire Fighter in the London Fire Brigade.

    4. Physical tests.

    There are six physical tests are:-

    • Ladder climb.

    • Casualty evacuation.

    • Ladder lift.

    • Enclosed space claustrophobia test.

    • Equipment assembly manual dexterity test.

    • Equipment carrying.

    5. Medical Test.

    A detailed medical history questionnaire and examination by a Doctor and Nurse is the last procedure for passing the London fire brigade recruitment interview.

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