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my brother wants to enroll in one of the prominent colleges or any renowned institutions of London, could you tell me some popular Universities that are situated in London, I need help.

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  1. Julia

     "London regarded as the largest student population among British city. One of the popular universities in their nation is the federal University of London which loaded of over 120, 000 students and called as the greatest channel teaching university in the UK and one of the largest Universities in the Europe. It contains 19 colleges and 12 institutions with a learning External System. Those colleges have a high degree in autonomy with their own control on admissions and programs.

    Meanwhile, King’s College London, University College London, Birkbeck, Queen Mary, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Royal Holloway, Gold smiths, and the Institute of Education are termed as one of the largest and most eminent University of London colleges.

    In London there are also schools and institutes which have over 5, 000 populations of the students includes School of Oriental and African Studies, the London Business School, the School of Pharmacy, and Central School Of Speech and Drama, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and St. George’s Medical School. All of the University of London institutions improved their knowledge and skill upon studying through the guide of their several field of specialization.

    There are also other universities not associated with University of London and these are Imperial College London, London South Bank University, City University, and Middlesex University which can be found in North London, Brunel University in West London, the University of East London and many other higher education institutions. And some of the schools and institutions in London provide vocational courses for those who wanted to study short time.


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