Oxford University Admissions Policy For 2012

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I’ve learned from some sources that there’s a change in Oxford University Admission policy for international students. I tried looking into their website but couldn’t figure out what exactly the change is…. Can someone please guide me about the updated admission policy of Oxford University?

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  1. Guest615


    It is true that the oxford university has made some changes regarding admission policy for 2012.Please note down the following changes for 2012 entry.

    1) History Aptitude Test (HAT) and Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) registration arrangements have changed now .

    2) Classic and Modern languages tests will now held on  2 November 2011.

    3) All Engineering course candidates have to take Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) which will held on 2 November 2011. 

    4) It is noted that deadline for taking the Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) has been brought forward to 20 October 2011 only if you are registered by  5 October 2011.

    If you want to know more  changes regarding your desire course .then visit the link given below

    It will surely help you.



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