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by Nick  |  9 years ago

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I am looking for a job in Newham Council. Right now, I am studying in a college and is in search of a job. I came to know that there are vacant positions for those who are at the age of 16 but I have no idea that where I should go and how should apply. Please help me in making the whole process of application easier. Thanks!

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  1. Guest232

     You have come at right place to know about the jobs at Newham London Borough Council. Well, the good news for you that there are many vacancies for youth of 16-18 year of age. Council has launched YES schemes for the youth living within the area of Newham Council.  However, it is obligatory to have 2 years work experience to apply.

    Trainees can also apply for apprenticeship in business administration, information technology or any other relevant qualification. Those young people who have disabilities can also apply for a job.

    There are 14 placements in Business Administration, Customer Services. You can also join as a Maintenance Technician as well. You can also submit your application online. It is not very difficult to follow the online application procedure for submitting your application. For that, you only need to go to the official website that is:

    Here, you need to follow the instructions for the job you apply. It is really easy, simple and convenient for any applicant.  It posses various step.  After completing initial applications steps successfully, you will be asked for telephone interview. Those who will be successful will be invited for final assessment and interview.


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