Nearest Railway stations to Beach Blanket Babylon London

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Finding the nearest Railway station to Beach Blanket Babylon in London. Want to access the nearest attraction to the bar and restaurant by railway station. List the stations that are in walking distance.

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  1. Harry

    First of all you must understand that Beach Blanket Babylon London has two different locations. The addresses of the locations are given below:

    Beach Blanket Babylon

    45 Ledbury Road

    London W11 2AA, Notting Hill

    Phone: 020 7229 2907

    Beach Blanket Babylon

    19-23 Bethnal Green Road


    London E1 6LA, Shoreditch

    Phone: 020 7749 3540

    As per your query, there are two railway stations close to Beach Blanket Babylon London in the Shoreditch area.

    • Liverpool St Station at a distance of 5 Minutes

    • Old Street Station at a distance of 7 Minutes

    Apart from this you can find some good restaurants and bars close to Beach Blanket Babylon London. Some of the famous restaurants nearby include Pilpel, Hawksmoor, Verde & Company, Story Deli, Taylor Street Baristas, E Pellicci, Saf, Franzè & Evans, Eyre Brothers and Tayyabs. Below given is the list of Bars near Beach Blanket Babylon London.

    • St John Bread & Wine

    • Happiness Forgets

    • Casita

    • Strongroom

    • Callooh Callay

    • The Drunken Monkey

    • George & Dragon

    • Common

    • Corney & Barrow Wine Bars

    • Favela Chic

  2. Guest1334
    There are so many Railway stations near to Beach Blanket Babylon. All are good and well developed. You will get 24 hour services. Here I’m providing you a list of railway stations which are quite near to Beach Blanket Babylon.


    Cambridge Heath Station

    It is located on Hackney Road and 0.37 km from Beach Blanket Babylon. You can easily reach there via taxi, bus or any other public transport you want to choose.

    Liverpool Street Railway Station

    It is situated on Liverpool Street and is just 0 .98 km from Beach. Distance is not much; you can easily arrive there by using any mean.

    Aldgate East Station

    This station is on 118 Whitechapel High Street, which is 1.01 km from Beach Blanket Babylon.

    Bethnal Green Station

    Bethnal Green Station  is to be found on   Three Colts Lane and is   1.03 km from Beach Blanket Babylon.

    Old Street Station

    This station is just 1.08 km from Beach.


    Aldgate Station 

    Distance between station and beach is just 1.11 km. 

    some other stations near beach are 

    Moorgate Station  

    It is 1.24 km from Beach 

    Whitechapel Station 

     Station is 1.12 km from Beach Blanket Babylon

    we prefer you Cambridge Heath Station as it has very less distance. Here is a link where you find more stations.



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