Looking for the list of postal codes of London UK

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Hello, I am new in London and looking for the list of postal codes of London UK. Someone kindly provide me the complete list of postal codes of London. I have searched a lot on internet and also asked too many friends but can’t find out the satisfactory results. If anyone of you has the information about the related query of mine, please share it here so that other people looking for the same detail can easily find out the information. Your quick response should be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Warner

    Postcodes are the most significant part of any address when dispatching postal mail. Whereas street numbers are in no way exclusive to any one area, full extended postcodes are all unique and together with the house number they will uniquely identify an individual address. For example one of the best renowned locations in London is the Prime Minister’s house at 10 Downing Street, London, England SW1 2AA. However that address is completely recognized easily by asserting "10 SW1 2AA". No two postcode areas are equal identical when you include the house number and the full postcode extended postcode. So if you ever require to find an address confirm you have the postcode for it or you could end up completely in the incorrect place.

    Central London areas are divided into different parts which are renowned as LONDON POSTCODES. Each small part of London is assigned a 1-3 note prefix that corresponds to its compass location and then a next number and 2 notes to differentiate it from adjoining roads inside that area. For example N3 is Finchley, while the adjacent area is N2 which is East Finchley, and they are both present in North London. The Centre of London is given the note 'C' for CENTRAL, and is divide into WC1 (where WC stands for West Central), WC2, EC1 (East Central), EC2, EC3, EC4. For any individual who doesn't understand London postcodes system is a little misleading. 

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