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Hi, I am preparing a report on London Cricket Clubs and I need to know some good information about London Ealing Cricket Club. Is there anyone who can help me by providing some information about it? Please share if you have some good knowledge about it. Thanks in Advance!

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  1. John

     Some of the famous cricket clubs in London are Ealing Cricket Club, Middlesex county cricket club, North London Cricket Club, Lord’s Cricket Club, Surrey County Cricket Club, Hampstead cricket and sports club, Winch more hill cricket club, Bromley Cricket Club , Brentham Cricket Club and mill fields cricket club.

    Ealing Cricket Club is one of the London’s top cricket clubs which was established in 1871. The first match was played in 1871. Ealing Cricket club offers a range of facilities ideally suited to both individual and corporate events. It is situated in beautiful surroundings. The club has relished great success in recent years winning the Middlesex Premier League for the last six seasons. It is also a present holder of the Middlesex County Cup (45 overs) and the Middlesex 20/20 competition. The club has one of the largest junior sections in the county with over 400 boys and girls relishing summer coaching from April to August. There are thirteen junior teams for boys and girls from ages 8 to 17 years.  Ealing CC is a Club mark accredited to show that best practices apply to ensure that all crickets are delivered in a safe, effective and friendly environment.

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