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My younger daughter wants to participate in Hampton court flower show, please tell us about the location of Hampton court flower show, thanks.

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  1. Julia

     Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is one of the pleasant and unforgettable experiences for passionate gardeners and those looking to decorate their own home-grown garden. It represents the fabulous wonderland of roses, a swinging sixties floristry and fashion show. It is a great place for those who need time to relax, sit down in one of the many dining areas and enjoy live music.

    The world’s largest flower show is packed with themes on how to grow your own, nurture the environment and to make the most of your garden. Their official website represents the world’s largest annual flower show, which celebrated its 20th anniversary recently. The website contains show information, news, official awards, garden results, best in show and history. The RHS Hampton Court Flower Show is a world popular garden show which takes place in the astonishing grounds of Hampton Court Palace in Surrey, England United Kingdom.

    It is an annual event held in early July, head by the Royal Horticultural Society. The show is arranged in the north and south sides of the Long Water in Hampton Court Park. After the Chelsea Flower Show it is the second famous and main national flower show, it has a diverse feel and character, while also containing inspirational show gardens. The Hampton Court Flower side is located at Hampton Court Palace, East Molesey Surrey, KT8 9AU United Kingdom. For easy access to the showground, and a instant exit at the end of the evening it is suggested that you use public transport.

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