Seeking information about London’s Grafton Tennis and Squash Club

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I am writing an article on London Tennis Clubs and need to know some information about London’s Grafton Tennis and Squash Club. Is there anyone who can help me regarding my query? Please if someone knows about it then share your knowledge. I need it urgently. Thanks in Advance!

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  1. John

     London’s Grafton Tennis and Squash Club was founded in 1888 and is a chummy and competitive club which includes everyone from complete beginners to high level players. The Grafton offers a unique opportunity to play both tennis and/or squash and boasts a fully licensed bar with food served most evenings. Grafton Tennis and Squash Club organize leagues, regular tournaments and social nights for tennis and squash.  For those sportsmen and women that wish to improve their game, the Grafton offers tennis and squash coaching by knowledgeable and well qualified coaches. London Grafton Tennis and Squash club has 6 all weather tennis courts 3 of which are flood lit, 2 shale tennis courts, 3 well kept, air conditioned squash courts, professional coaching, regular club leagues and tournaments, Club house and bar and ample space for car parking. Some famous London Tennis Clubs are The Queen’s Club, Magdalen Park Lawn Tennis Club, Islington Tennis Centre, Wimbledon tennis Club, Grafton Tennis & Squash Club, Wandsworth common tennis club, Wigmore Lawn Tennis Club, Harbour Tennis Club, Peddington Tennis Club, Totteridge tennis club and Campden Hill Lawn tennis club. This information will hopefully help you. If you have further queries then you are welcome to ask.

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