List of some famous Tennis clubs in London

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Yesterday I read an article about London Tennis clubs, I found it interesting, and I want to know some famous tennis clubs in London.  Could you provide me some information about famous it? Thanks in advance!

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  1. John

     Some famous tennis clubs in London are The Queen’s Club, Magdalen Park Lawn Tennis Club, Islington Tennis Centre, Wimbledon tennis Club, Grafton Tennis & Squash Club, Wandsworth common tennis club, Wigmore Lawn Tennis Club, Harbour Tennis Club, Peddington Tennis Club, Totteridge tennis club and Campden Hill Lawn tennis club. All these tennis clubs has a lot of facilities and all has unique features. London Queen’s Club was the first sports organization ever to be built, anywhere in the world. It was named after Queen Victoria and is extensively renowned as one of the foremost Lawn Tennis and Racquets clubs in the world. The Club has entertained as many as twenty-five different sporting activities and, as well as lawn tennis, has been the scene for such altered sports as ice-skating, baseball, athletics and rugby. The Queen’s club along with first class sporting facilities also offers excellent entertaining and dining facilities, including an elegant restaurant, cafe, museum, and the President's Room, all of which are located within the Members' Clubhouse.  London’s Grafton Tennis and Squash Club is a chummy and competitive club which includes everyone from complete beginners to high level players. The Grafton offers a unique opportunity to play both tennis and/or squash and boasts a fully licensed bar with food served most evenings. Grafton Tennis and Squash Club organize leagues, regular tournaments and social nights for tennis and squash. All the above mentioned clubs are well organized and famous in all over the world.

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