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Gas prices fluctuate every day all over the world. This fluctuation sometimes is really confusing for consumers and greatly affect daily budget. Please give me the list of gas prices of last week of London, England so that I can prepare myself to spend money accordingly. Your kind help in that regard in fact benefit me a lot in managing my every day money spending. Thank you for your help in advance!

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  1. Guest112

    Gas prices change almost in every part of the world on weekly basis or monthly basis. There are many factors  involve in the mechanism of petrol prices. In London the prices for the month May:

    • Unleaded have risen by 1.1p/litre to 136.9p per litre.

    • Diesel have fallen, by 0.5p/litre to 141.5p per litre.

    • The price difference between unleaded and diesel has fallen to 4.6p per litre.

    Department of Energy and Climate Change provides the road fuel price statistics of average London and other cities of UK retail (‘pump’) prices on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. The data provided by DECC is used to observe road fuel prices in the UK, and to compare UK road fuel prices with other EU countries. The data is published on regular basis, with weekly prices publically available the day after collection, and provisional monthly prices published at the end of the same month.  Final monthly prices are published at the end of the following month

    In the United Kingdom, there are six companies which are playing key role in conducting the weekly fuel price survey, providing ULSP (unleaded petrol), ULSD (Diesel) and super unleaded fuel prices. These cover up around 80% of the market. The prices of gas oil and kerosene are also provided by three oil companies.


  2. Nick

    It’s true that gas prices change almost every day and greatly affect the masses. Every country has its own mechanism of defining gas prices and give list of it according to the international market. Department of Energy and Climate Change of the UK government releases gas prices of London and other cities on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. The data relating gas prices is available on their respective website, that is:

    There are six companies in the United Kingdom that play main role in collecting data related to fuel prices of ULSP (unleaded petrol), ULSD (Diesel) and super unleaded.

    According to data collected by Department of Energy and Climate Change on Monday 6 June, 2011, the price of unleaded petrol was 135.6p/litre, this is generally the similar as the previous week.  The price for diesel was 139.6p/litre, this is 0.2p lower as compared to the last week.

    The price of unleaded petrol is 17.4p higher, with the price of unleaded petrol 19.2p higher than in the same week in 2010.

    From 23 March 2011, fuel Duty on unleaded petrol and Diesel was reduced by 1.00p to 57.95ppl.

    VAT has been raised from 17.5 % to 20% since January 2011.                                                                                                                                



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