List of freshwater pet fishes shops in London

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My name is Katy Richards and I’m a college student.  Collecting unique pet fishes for my aquarium is my hobby. Now, I need more fishes for it. So kindly, recommend me some pet fish shops in London.

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    Area wise, London is so much big. So there are numerous pet fish shops in London. But it is really difficult to find good quality shop here. So I’m providing you a link, hopefully, this link will help you in a best way. Via this list, you will get a large variety of fishes. Prices are very reasonable here.  Here is the list of pet fish shops in London. You will also find some rare gold fishes on it as well.

    Jumanji Pets

    44, Birchington Road

    Percy Chapman & Son Ltd


    Wags Boutique

    41 Amsterdam Road.

    The Nook Animal Boarding

    Tel: 01474 551277


    57-59, Streatham Hill


    115-117, Maybank Road

    Medivet Barnes

    76, Church Road

    Chingford Pet Centre

    54, Old Church Road

    The Fish Bowl Ltd

    133 Dawes Road

    Buywise Pet Supplies

    517 Norwood Road

    Smallholders Pet, Garden & Aquatic Centre

    113-117, Woodgrange Road

    Mr Pink Pets & Dr Fish

    6 North End Parade


    644a, Wandsworth Road

    Mutz Nutz Pet Boutique

    221, Westbourne Park Road

    Magri's Pets

    205, Roman Road

    Dunlop's Pet Shop

    1, Long Lane, London

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