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I am new in London and travelling by bus is cheap as compared to taxi. Please give me the list of London bus routes so that I can travel by bus rather than a taxi. Please give a quick answer to my question, waiting for your answer.

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  1. Guest699

     Life in London city is very busy as people are living in the city to earn so they have to move to different parts of the city. Bus services have been operational in the city since the time first bus a invented and you can find as many buses in the city as there could be in any other huge city of the world. So for the convenience of traffic control the routes are divided into following categories which are:


    Main day time bus network - 1 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 401 507 A10 E1 K1 U1

    Tram services

    Night buses – N1 102 250 

    Mobility buses

    School buses – 313 601 650

    The remaining bus services are also amalgamated within the main route groups. The rates for the above mentioned categories are fixed by the government and no one is permitted to charge any extra amount. But the bus services which are brought in the bus services but still marketing and ticketing is their own responsibility and they may change rates without any notice. 

    Now if you are interested to have a look at the complete list of all the routes that have been assigned to the buses in London or you want to check out a route map of a single route then you can help yourself through following link:



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