List of Housing Associations in London

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My business was destroyed during the London ruins and I become totally bank corrupt. My house is also auctioned and I have nothing left. Kindly give a list of Housing Associations in London that can help me by giving a home in a small amount of money. Please give answer as soon as possible.

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  1. Warner

     In UK the housing associations are autonomous organizations that offer homes to people who are in need of house in a very small amount of money. Housing Associations are now the key contributors of new houses for hire in UK, while many others help people who cannot afford to buy their own homes under shared ownership schemes. Here is the list of Housing Associations who are currently working in London.

    Places for People:

    This housing association is located at 18 Craven Drive, South Rings Business Park Bamber Bridge, Lancashire. For home sales you can contact them at 0800 432 0043 or can also send them an email at

    Gallions Housing Association:

    This housing association is located at 90 Titmuss Avenue, Thamesmead, SE28 8HL. Its working timings are 9am and 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. For general enquiries you can call at 0300 123 1237. You can also email them at or fill in compliments, comments or complaints form on their website.

    Some other housing associations in London are:

    Newlon Housing Trust

    Tower Homes

    Metropolitan Home Ownership

    Shared Horizons

    Home Group

    Wandle Housing

    Swan Housing Association

    Orbit Housing Association

    Southern Housing Association

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