List of Halal poultry meat shops in London

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My name is Yaseen Qamar and I’m Muslim by religion. I recently shifted to London, so it is really difficult for me to find Halal poultry meat shops here. So kindly suggest me some good shops where I can shop Halal poultry meat. Answer me as quickly as possible.

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     Area wise, London is so much big. So there are numerous Halal meat shops in London. But it is really difficult to find good quality shop here. So I’m providing you a list, hopefully, this list will help you in a best way. Via this list, you will get a large variety of meat shops.  Prices are very reasonable here.  Here is the list of Halal meat shops in London. 

    A & Y Halal Meat

    524 Harrow Road

    A H Friends

    58 East Street

    A M & Sons

    110 High Road

    A Z Halal Butchers

    83 Deptford High Street

    Adam Halalway

    275A Old Kent Road

    Al - Hijaz Halal Meat

    106 High Street

    Al Bahia

    5 Blackstock Road

    Al Iman

    17 Lakedale Road

    Al Khayyam

    2 Quex Road

    Al Salam Butcher

    13 Blackstock Road

    Al Shorjah

    88 Broadway

    Al-Halal Frozen Fish & Meat

    9 Queens Market

    Al-Makkah Fresh Halal Meat

    74 Monarch Parade

    Al-Mansoor Halal Meat

    79 High Street

    Al-Noor Halal Meat

    59 St. James's Street

    Al-Quds Halal Meat

    385-387 Lewisham High Street


    90 Northwold Road

    Ali Brothers Butchers

    27 Deptford High Street

    Ali Halal

    174 High Street North

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