List of Gyms in London

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Body building is my passion and I want to be the best body builder in world. My family has shifted to London so I have to move with them to London. Please give me a list of Gyms in London so that I can visit some of them and find out the best among them, where all kind of modern amenities are available which are helpful in body building.

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  1. Warner

    Everyone wants to look fit and attractive by his body shape. When you look for gyms, you can find many best gyms in London with routine classes, latest equipments and comfortable environment. If you want to have personal training or to exercise on your own you will many find many gyms that are ideal for athletes, businessman, housewives, adults etc. You can find many gyms and can look for the best that suits your personality. Here is the list of some gyms that I have extracted for you:

    Chelsea Club

    Chelsea Club London gym offers a prominent outdoor 200 meter running track, swimming pool and fully equipped gym.

    Chelsea Village, Fulham Road


    SW6 1HS

    Destination Gym

    Destination Gym is good for personal training and many of the actors and TV presenters depends on Destination's personal coaching to retain them in shape.

    42-48 Great Portland Street,


    W1W 7LD

    Good Vibes

    Good Vibes is loved by celebrities, models and athletes located in Covent Garden.  

    14-16 Betterton Street,

    Covent Garden,


    WC2H 9BU

    Gym Box

    Gym Box is a well known London gym which is a refreshing modification from numerous of the capital's more dull offerings.

    100 High Holborn,


    WC1V 6RD

    KX Gym

    KX Gym boasts an intense martial arts studio, biking room, chill out rooms and plunge pools.

    151 Draycott Avenue,


    SW3 3AL

    South Bank Club

    South Bank Club provides the facility of squash courts, a fully equipped gym and classes including yoga, aerobics, boxing moves and tai chi.

    124-130 Wandsworth Road,


    SW8 2LD

    Thirty Seven Degrees

    This London gym is spread over5000 sq ft, there is a boxing ring, swimming pool, indoor golf and even a hair and beauty salon and medical centre.

    2b More London,


    SE1 2AP

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