List of Government Colleges in London

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One of my colleagues told me that quality of education in Government colleges in London is comparatively better then the private colleges. So, I want to admit my child to a government college. Can anyone help by giving the list of Government Colleges in London?

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  1. Guest2133
    is that south london collage government collage

  2. Guest1841

    list of government colleges best for business studies

  3. Guest1828

    I want to study in UK and i have completed A levels recently.would you please suggest what affordable college should I go and what kind of studies i should do next in business?

  4. Guest1709

     list of govt colleges in london

  5. Warner

    You can find many schools, colleges and universities in London providing education of the highest quality to children, youth and adults. The majority of state schools and colleges are run by the London Boroughs. If you are in search of some government colleges in London; below is the detail of some of the best government colleges in London which are providing standard education as well as gives platform for extracurricular activities. Here is the list of some government colleges in London:

    Havering Sixth Form College

    Phone: +44 01708 514400


    Hillcroft College

    Phone: +44 20 8399 2688


    Imperial College London

    Phone: +44 20 7589 5111


    London Schoolof Economics and Political Science

    Phone: +44 20 7405 7686


    Royal College of Art

    Phone: +44 20 7590 4444


    Royal College of Music

    Phone: +44 20 7589 3643


    Westminster Kingsway College

    Phone: +44 870 060 9801


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