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I need to have a list of Call Centres in London, so I can apply for job. I’ve 2 years of experience in working for UK based call centers in Mumbai and now I am in London, desperately looking for a job. Please help!

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  1. Brandon Tucker


    If you are looking for job in Call Centre’s London then there are many opportunities in London.You can find a good job part time or full time by checking out given below list of call centre’s in London with their addresses


    A & A Cheap International Calls

    197 Lordship Lane N17 6XF

    A2Z Warehouse

    343A Station Road HA1 2AA

    B Inter Telecom Centre

    17 Park Parade NW10 4JH

    Banadir Communications

    61 Falcon Road SW11 2PG

    Barsey Telecom

    148 High Street NW10 4SP

    Bobe Communication Centre

    119 Green Lanes N16 9DA

    Call Inn First

    408 Green Lane IG3 9JX

    Newington Call Centre

    210 Stoke Newington High Street N16 7HU

    Safari International Calling Centre

    49 Upton Lane E7 9PA

    Universal Telecom Call Centre

    Chamberlayne Road NW10 3NR

    Two Tel Telecomms

    74 King Street UB2 4DD

    Call Centre International

    90, High Rd, London , N15 6JU

    Direct Response Ltd

    3, Angel Walk, London , W6 9HX

    XL World Ltd

    St. Georges House, 15, Hanover Square, London , W1S 1HS

    Virtual Support UK Ltd

    145-157, St. John St, London , EC1V 4PW

    You can find more call centres in London by visiting given below links:

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