List of American Universities in London

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I am looking for some American universities in London, UK? Can you please provide me with the list of American universities in London? Please do mention the area where their campuses are exactly located.

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  1. Brandon Tucker

    The American education system has wonderful benefits a flexible syllabus, a diversity of courses, transfer options, study abroad chances and more.

    Here is a listing of American universities in London. Almost all of these universities offer academic degrees and are recognized by US commissions and regional country agencies.

    American Intercontinental University

    Location:110 Marylebone High Street

    London W1U 4RY, United Kingdom

    Hult International Business School

    Location:46-47 Russell Square

    City of London WC1B 4JP, United Kingdom


    Regent’s American College London

    Location:Inner Circle, Regent's Park

    London NW1 4NS, United Kingdom

    Richmond, The American International University in London

    Location:1 Saint Alban's Grove

    London W8 5PN, United Kingdom

    Schiller International University London

    Location:LKIC - Technopark Building

    90 London Road

    London, SE1 6LN

    Boston University

    Location:43 Harrington Gardens

    London SW7 4JU, United Kingdom

    University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    Location:Woolgate Exchange

    25 Basinghall Street, City of London EC2V 5HA, United Kingdom

    University of Delaware

    Location:49 Doughty Street, Holborn , London

    University of Notre Dame

    Location:88 Great Portland Street

    London W1W 7NS, United Kingdom

    Pepperdine University

    Location:56 Princes Gate

    London SW7 2PG, United Kingdom

    Syracuse University

    Location:Faraday House

    48 Old Gloucester Street, Lon WC1N 3AE, United Kingdom

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