List of A Rated Colleges in London

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I have done my A levels with distinction and looking ahead to take admission in top rated college in London as I am moving from Wales to London. I shall be very delightful if someone can provide me with the list of A rated colleges in London.

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  1. Guest1837

     Go to for updated list.

  2. Brandon Tucker

    London is also known as city of colleges and university.  These colleges and universities are rated into different categories like A Rated, Highly trusted and B Sponsor. Here is the list of A Rated colleges in London.

    360 GSP College

    A A Hamilton College London

    ABC School of English Ltd

    Academic Solutions

    Academy De London

    Academy of Management Studies

    Accent International Consortium for Academic Programs Abroad, Ltd.

    Access College London

    Active Learning, LONDON

    Albion College

    Aldgate College London

    Alfred the Great College ltd

    Allied College

    Alpha Meridian College


    Amity Global Business School - London

    Anderson Ross Business School Limited

    Axon College Ltd.

    Belgravia College


    Berklee College of Music

    Berlitz (UK) Ltd

    Birkbeck College

    Blake Hall College

    BPP Professional Education

    British College of Osteopathic Medicine

    British School of Osteopathy

    BSGS College

    Buckingham College of London

    CAPA International Education Foundation

    Capital College UK

    Capital School of Business and Management

    Cavendish College London

    CECOS London College

    Central College London

    City & Guilds of London School of Art

    City Community College

    City of London Academy

    city of london College

    CNM The College Of Naturopathic Medicine Ltd

    College of Central London

    College of East London

    College of Technology London

    College of Venereal Disease Prevention

    Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

    Cromwell College of IT & Management

    Danenberg Oberlin-in-London Program

    East End Computing & Business College

    East Finchley School of English

    East London Business College

    Eckerd College London Study Centre

    eCollege London Limited

    Edgware Academy

    Embassy CES London

    Eynsford College

    First Intuition

    Fitzwilliam Language Services

    Gemal College

    Golders Green College

    Graduate School of London

    Grafton College of Management Sciences

    Griffith College Limited

    Guildhall College

    Hansard Society

    Harding University

    Harold College

    Harvington School Educational Trust Ltd

    Holborn College

    ICON College of Technology and Management

    Intuition Languages LTD

    Islington College London

    Ithaca College

    Kaplan Law School

    Katherine & King's College of London

    KBM London School of Accountancy and Business Studies

    Kensington College of Business

    King Street College

    Kings Langley College of Management

    Lambeth College

    LCBIT Private Ltd T/A London College of Business and Information Technology

    Leyton College

    Liral Veget College  London

    LITE (London Institute of Technology and English )

    London Academy of Learning

    London Brookes College

    London Business College

    London Camden College

    London Centre of Contemporary Music

    London Churchill College

    London College of Accountancy Limited

    London College of Advanced Management

    London College of Beauty Therapy

    London College of Business Management & Information Technology

    London College of Business Management and Computing Studies

    London College of Business Sciences Limited

    London College of Computing and Management Sciences

    London College of Engineering and Management

    London college of osteopathic medicine

    London College Of Professional Training

    London College Of Science And Techology Ltd

    London College of Social Studies

    London Corporate College

    London East Bank College

    London West Valley College

    LSSE (UK)Limited

    Manley Summers Training Recruitment Services Ltd

    Marcus Evans Linguarama London

    Maryland College London

    Metropolitan College of London

    Millennium City Academy

    MOI College London

    Mont Rose College of Management and Sciences

    Montessori Centre International

    Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

    Newham Sixth Form College

    North London College of Business Studies

    North London College

    North London ITeC

    NYU in London

    Oak Hill Theological College

    Opal College

    Our World English Schools Ltd

    Oxbridge College of IT & Management

    Oxford College Of London

    Oxford House College

    Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art

    Pinnacle College Uk Limited

    Pinnacle International College

    Radcliffe College

    Raya Academy

    Regent London

    Royal Academy of Arts

    SAE Education Ltd

    School of Computing and Business Studies

    Scott's College London-Sure Choice Ltd

    Severn Business College Ltd

    Sharp Development Solutions Ltd. T/A SDS College London

    Sotheby's Institute of Art - London

    South Chelsea College

    Southwark College

    Speakeasy School of English

    Spurgeon's College

    St Mellitus College

    St. Francis Xavier College

    St. Nicholas Publications Ltd t/a St. Nicholas College of London

    Sterling Business School Ltd

    Stevens College of Technology and Management

    Stratford College London

    The Art Academy

    The Canning School Ltd (T/A Canning)

    The Centre for Homoeopathic Education

    The City College

    The Gemmological Association of Great Britain

    The Institute of Economic and Political Studies

    The London Oriental Academy

    Trans-Atlantic College

    UK College Of Business and Computing Ltd

    UK International College

    Victoria School of English

    Virgina College Limited

    West London School of Management & Technology

    Western Governors Graduate School

    Westminster Academy

    Williams College UK Ltd

    Wilson College

    Working Men's College

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