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Libraries all across the world have been under threat, as the people who fund them are of the view that they are no longer needed in the age of the Internet. Generally known to be a place where books are kept, a library is a collection of sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is accommodated. Speaking traditionally, a library is a collection of books and can mean the collection itself, the building or room that houses such a collection, or both. It is organized for use and maintained by public, an institution, or a private individual. There are usually three types of libraries which include public, academic and special library. Now one thing is for sure that as the names imply, the three types would be different from each other and would be having different means of operations. All such queries and concerns related to the libraries or the library science can be found answered at London QA.

There are times when we do need help from a library. As an individual if someone needs information on something which is not found over internet, logging on to London QA which is facilitated with certain qualified librarians can provide the best possible suggestion and answer any question asked about the library.

One good thing is that at London QA, the answers to questions and suggestions are not at all limited to the experts only. The users as well as the visitors can also post their answers, opinions and suggestions about questions pertaining to libraries and related matters.