Lending money from Santander UK for business

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I want to take loan to start up a business from Santander and need to know if Santander is a good choise for me. Please detail. Thanks

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  1. Robin

    Santander places great importance on conducting business in a responsible way. We take into account the impact we have on our stakeholders; our customers and our employees, our suppliers, the environment and communities. We aim to make a positive contribution to society, not just through the provision of banking services for our retail and business customers but also by sharing our success and contributing to the communities where we operate.

    Santander Group is leading financial services provider in the UK is a diversified retail and commercial bank with around 15,000 branches in the country and around 100 million satisfied customers. Santander has a great history of maintaining long-standing relationship with the customers which is built on trust and confidence. 25 million customers in the UK have their trust on them and have been borrowing and lending money from Santander to start or upgrade their small businesses.

    In 2010, the Group posted profits of more than €8 billion for the fourth consecutive year. The basic four principles for the functioning of Santander include:

    • Make customers feel welcome and treat them in a helpful and friendly way

    • Strive to understand their financial needs and offer products and services of benefit to them

    • Aim to handle their accounts smoothly and efficiently at all times

    • If something does go wrong, put it right as soon as possible, keeping customers informed and keeping our promises.

    So I think Santander is a good choice for you to get loans and mortgages from in the UK.

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