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Landmarks are the most important features of any city or a state. The outstanding UK landmarks are the interesting features which reflect the deviant English Civilization. London is a combination of old and new landmarks. From Victorian type to the most advanced modern structure, Landmarks of London are quite appealing. These landmarks are also the prime attraction for the tourists as well.

Famous UK landmarks in London are Admiralty Arch, Chelsea Barracks, Audley End House, Battersea Power Station, Big Ben and The Palace of Westminster, Canary Wharf Tower, Kensington Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and London Bridge. These auspicious landmarks of London are the most attractive and interesting features from the rest of the modern skyline on the city. For tourists and foreign visitors, these landmarks serve better and reflect the real beauty of this royal city in contrast with the rest of the modern world.

It seems it is not so easy task to have a close look at all the landmarks in a single visit, and one may need London landmarks map for his ease. Here well maintained database of online guides, maps and experts advice on tour guides to the famous London Landmarks. You can get all the answers to your typical queries if you have an exceptional urge to know about the famous London Landmarks. You can also share your own knowledge about the people seeking information about the famous landmarks of London. Even you can join hands with us to start helping users by answering the unanswered questions.

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