Is there some nightlife nearby Brunswick shopping Center?

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I am involved in a profession that includes a lot of traveling both domestically and internationally. This is not the first time I am in London but will be staying for a longer duration. For this reason, I would like to enjoy myself big time here. As I have to visit the Brunswick shopping Center quite frequently so want to know if there is some nightlife around this place.

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  1. Harry

    While shopping at Brunswick Center, you can enjoy the nightlife big time in a number of hotels and bars spread around. People from across the world visit these places to make their trip a memorable one. For your information and convenience as a visitor, following are some names of hotels and bars of the nightlife near Brunswick shopping center.

    The Dorchester

    Hotel & Bar

    53 Park Lane

    London W1A 2HJ

    Phone: 020 7629 8888    


    Simple Bar

    132 Lower Marsh

    London SE1 7AE

    Phone: 020 7620 1421


    A Modern European Lounge

    129 City Road

    London EC1V 1JB

    Phone: 020 7253 4101

    Gordon's Wine Bar

    Lounge and Wine Bar

    47 Villiers Street

    London WC2N 6NE

    020 7930 1408

    Royal National Theatre

    Famous venue for music and theatres

    Upper Ground

    London SE1 9PX

    020 7452 3400

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